Nina B. is a Panera Bread Associate who works alongside the other Children of Mother Bread as a cashier/dining room personal/drive-thru personal/dish washer/whatever the hell the mangers need her for that day. After an unknown number of years of unimaginable training from following in the footsteps of her hero, Rusty, Nina has become universally recognized as the greatest Pokemon trainer of all time (The Very Best Like No One Ever Was) and, as such, has the ability to cause unfathomable amounts of chaos and destruction in her wake (a skill which has gained her the respect of Thomas "Turtle" W.). Due to her time spent studying the collective works and complications of the great MatPat, she is well versed in countless other dimensions and skills sets, including magic, thievery, home invasion, necromancy, art, and singing like a goddamn angel. She is currently trying to master Making the Sandwiches Like No One Ever Was.

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