Erin T. is a Panera Bread Associate who works alongside the other Children of Mother Bread as a cashier and drive-thru personal. Despite her initially unsuspecting and innocent appearance, Erin totally knows what she's doing and is actually a well-trained spy, assassin, computer hacker, strategist, manipulator, and war veteran who is heavily sought after for by various world governments and secret societies (which she avoids capture by due to her aforementioned skill sets and the supernatural intervening of Thomas "Turtle" W.). Although she suffers greatly from the psychological ramifications of being created as a Nazi spy/assassin and undergoing the subsequent soul-crushing training (which can be observed by her answers to the Rorschach Test), Erin is generally liked by those around her due to her positive, bubbly attitude and continuous doctrine of "It's fine. Everything's fine.". She is currently betrothed to Thomas "Turtle" W.

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