David Alexander Vuich is a Communist Panera Bread Associate who works along the other Children of Mother Bread and is one of the only two preppers who operate in the store, the other being Thomas "Turtle" W. Known to everyone but his close friends as "the guy who brings cupcakes all the time", David is generally liked individual who relates his tales of the Vietnam War and his batshit crazy family to anyone who will listen. After being hired in August of 2015, David has become close member of both Panera Bread as a whole and the Children of Mother Bread.

Description Edit

David is a tall, skinny Communist android who's fascination with the country of Russia and explosives borders on the psychotic. He enjoys making cupcakes, giving people excessive amounts of candy, and dislikes seeing anyone around him unhappy (which has lead some to believe that he is secretly Willy Wonka). He is also known for having formed countless inside jokes with several of the Children of Mother Bread.

Biography Edit

Creation (1666-1755)

In 1917, the Communists of the World (including Karl Marx and Vladimir Lenin) met in an underground bunker in Moscow and made an pact with the Devil to create an android who's scientific knowledge, immunity to death, and passion for socialism would allow for Communism to thrive long after the initial movement had passed. This resulted in David being "born" in (approximately) 1666 in London, England to two working class parents who's names have been both lost to history and forgotten by David himself. After his parents died in a large fire (that David may or may not have inadvertently started), David was forced to beg for money on the streets of London and hold down various jobs in order to survive. It is believed that he realized that he was immortal sometime during the next 100 years.

American Campaign (1775-1812)

During 1775, David grew fed up with Great Britain as a whole, believing it to not care for the common man and only serve the monarchs that ruled over everyone. As a result, he (being unable to afford a boat ride) swam across the Atlantic Ocean to the newly formed United States of America to fight in the Revolutionary War. Upon arrival, he found himself in the middle of the Battle of Bunker Hill where, wanting to help, he stole a dead American soldier's uniform and began a six-year fighting campaign that ended after the defeat of the British during the Battle of Yorktown (it is believed that David served under George Washington for the majority of the war and under Alexander Hamilton during the Battle of Yorktown). Due to his being an android and subsequently lacking the need for food, water, or sleep, David was an ideal long-term fighter and was considered by many of his fellow soldiers to be indispensable. After the new government was formed, David began working several jobs at once, hoping to support the newly independent country as best as he could and make it a haven for working class people.

Russian Campaign (1812-1815)

However, in spite of this initial patriotism for America, David became infatuated with the country of Russia during the Napoleonic Wars. During 1812, after the French invasion Russia, he found both the Russian people and the country of Russia to be to his liking as tales spread across the globe of Russia's defeating of the most powerful military on the planet with nothing more than their own working class people. Wanting to help this country as best he could, David abandoned America and (now being able to afford one) took a boat to Europe and hitchhiked his way to the French-Russian battlefront. He then began a three-year fighting campaign against the French Army after stealing a dead Russian soldier's uniform as the French invaded Moscow and, in a desperate attempt to prevent the French from gaining the Capitol, set fire to the city. During this time, David found that he was immune to freezing temperatures, an ability that has served him well while working in Panera's Freezer. It is likely that he was present at the Battle of Waterloo and the subsequent detainment of Napoleon Bonaparte.

Communism (1848-1917)

After over thirty years of remaining in Russia and working tirelessly at any job he could hold down to support his newfound country as best as possible, in 1848, David discovered a copy of the Communist Manifesto written by Karl Marx. After becoming engrossed with the philosophy outlined in the book, viewing it as a worldview that finally supported the betterment of the common man, David became a vehement supporter of a Communist Revolution occurring in Russia, particularly after the death of Tsar Alexander III and the increasing incompetence of Tsar Nicholas II. Then, in 1914, Russia became involved in World War I, which heavily drained the moral and resources of the country and its people. Despite fighting on the Eastern Front against the Germans and being one of Russia's loyalist soldiers, David grew increasingly more fed up with the Russian monarchy as more and more of his fellow soldiers were massacred during the war. Finally, in February of 1917, after realizing that the Russian monarchy was no better than the British monarchy he had despised so much (as well as hearing news of the impending revolution), David went AWOL from his post on the battlefront and proceeded to run to Saint Petersburg, determined to help the revolution and end the oppressive rule of the Tsars once and for all.

February Revolution and October Revolution (1917)

Upon arrival and finding that the revolution and fighting had just begun to stir, David began to rally the people of city to revolution; passionately quoting Karl Marx and Vladimir Lenin in a spontaneous speech. After gathering enough forces, the people of the city attacked the Tsar's police force, with David single-handedly decimating one-fourth of it using his rifle and army knife that he had carried with him from the battlefront. After Tsar Nicholas II had been abdicated and a new provisional government had been installed, David and the revolutionaries patiently waited for the old government to redeem itself. However, after nine months of stagnation with the starvation and misery of the people remaining unchanged, David decided that enough was enough. After discussing with leaders Vladimir Lenin and Leon Trotsky (who he was become well acquainted with over the past nine months), David and the other revolutionaries stormed the Winter Castle and, after a decisive victory against the provisional government's forces, installed a new, Communist government atop the remains of the old one, with Lenin being quickly elected as the new leader.

Soviet Union and World War II (1917-1945)

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